The Big Picture

When it comes to corporate identity, terms like corporate culture, corporate branding, corporate communication, corporate design, corporate profile, corporate image, corporate social responsibility and corporate strategy are often mixed up to describe the same thing. We view the corporate identity as your corporate personality and consider the following terms as crucial for the development of the corporate identity.


describes what you want your company to be. Often expresses the dream of the founder or leader of the company.


is the plan you will use to achieve your vision.


describes the opportunities or needs that you exist to address.


describes what you are doing to address these needs.


define what principles or beliefs guide your work. These principles can be distinguished into ethical values and performance values. Characteristics of corporate culture, image, profile, communication and social responsibility are mainly attributable to the company´s values.

Mission statement

Purpose, business and values are comprised in a company´s mission statement. In short the mission statement describes why you exist, what you do and what is important to you.

Corporate Design

is the visual dimension of your corporate identity. The company logo, fonts, colours, visual language and the underlying design principle define your corporate design.