Design Philosophy

In the creative business everybody says they´re different. They work differently, they approach clients in a different way, they simply do things different.

We´re the same.

The exciting thing about being in the design business is that every project brings unique opportunities and challenges. An approach that suits one situation will not work in another. Every project has its own requirements concerning functionality, the look and feel and the visual message. Every design work has a different objective that it means to understand to create what is needed to accomplish the goals.

That is why in design we have to do things differently. All the time.

What makes us unique?

We stand for straight-forward design …
… still we like the unexpected.

We like to keep it simple …
… still we think out of the box.

We appreciate the white-space …
… still we love the use of colours.

We keep the objective in mind …
… still sometimes we have the guts to change it.