Product Development

The conjoint analysis and its numerous variations have proven to be very useful in the development of product portfolios. We apply these methods as well as contingent valuation to find out which product features are important to your target audience.

We put a special focus on what combination of attributes and characteristics is decisive at the point of purchase. This requires a competitive analysis to find out where your products stand compared to the offers of your competition.

Brand strategy is an important aspect to be considered in product development and differentiation. Dell Computers is one of the pioneers in mass customization and offers maximum possibilities of product configuration. The computer industry is an industry where people think in practical terms and in terms of customer service, so the brand name may not be as decisive as the product features and service level. There are industries, however, where brand image plays a major role in the purchase decision (Fashion, automobiles, celular phones, ...). In these industries not only product differentiation, but differentiation through the establishment of additional premium and low-cost-brands, have proven to be successful strategies.