One of our areas of interest and expertise is the measurement of effects of the corporate culture on employee motivation and on an organizations performance. Research conducted in this area flows into the services we offer in the development of the corporate identity.

Another area we have specialized in is the measurement of different utility dimensions in a product or service. The knowledge of utility allows an estimation of the consumers willingness to pay for a specific feature or utility dimension of a product. The willingness to pay is relevant for pricing, product development and configuration as well as for customer segmentation.

It makes a whole lot of sense to include your brand strategy in the revision of your concepts of customer segmentation. A very simplified approach: For product-sensitive industries customer segmentation should be driven by product attributes, products can be sold under one single brand. (Computers, software, consumer electronics, insurance…). For brand-sensitive industries (industries with a high impact of brand and image on the consumers choice, e.g. fashion, automobiles, mobile phones, furniture … ) you may want to consider a multiple brand strategy.

Our service and customer satisfaction panels measure how satisfied your customers are with your service level and with you as a company in general. It gives clues about your strengths as well as areas that need improvement.