Value Framework

Companies often publish general principles, a code of conduct, standards and policies as well as their position regarding corporate responsibility as an add-on to their vision and mission statement. Often this is the area where company leaders assume a brochure and some membership will do it. An organizationīs values are really the foundation for the corporate culture and affect everything from corporate communication to brand positioning.

This is the area that we feel should receive much more attention. As large enterprises gain more power in our society, company leaders should focus on values and on their responsibility towards employees, towards society as well as their clients and the environment.

Numerous executives lay off part of their workforce and at the same time decide a raise in their own salary. This not only seems wrong, it is. Recent cases of dishonourable behaviour by enterprise leaders (Enron - Arthur Andersen, Vodafone-Mannesmann, Siemens-BenQ … just to name a few) have led to a critical stand of the public towards corporate leadership.

There are positive examples, too. Take a look at Steve Jobbs from Apple., who has always received good press for his achievements because of the innovation and ease of use Apple products bring to consumers. Or Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who decided to use their power and financial resources to reduce inequities in the U.S. and around the world. We believe that success and values donīt contradict, but complement each other

We are convinced that leaders in the corporate world can and should be honourable people, but it takes dedication and effort to make authentic changes in corporate leadership and corporate culture to regain the trust that has been lost over the past decade. Corporate leaders should do their part in creating a trustworthy economic environment.

And itīs not just about you, itīs also about the success of your company. It does make a difference if your employees have a sense of enthusiasm about the companies mission and share the values that form your corporate culture. Participation means that employees will use their energy and input for the goals of the company. If youīre able to break the “us-against-the-management-barrier” you will have a spirit of partnership resulting in less days of absences due to sickness and a higher motivation to contribute to the companies success.

We have started the Mediaire Connection as a platform that addresses the need of values in corporate leadership and our economy and want to help enterprises in authentically integrating values into their corporate culture and strategy.

We have developed a value framework that can be adjusted and filled with life as you apply it to your organization.

This framework addresses what responsibilities you assume as a company, what ethical and performance values are important to you and how they affect the way you approach customers, colleagues, partners, shareholders, executives and employees.

Discovery and establishment of these values are a process that based on our experience and depending on the size of your organization will take somewhere between 4 weeks and 6 months. Our framework covers the process of identifying those ethical and performance values that represent the beliefs and nature of individuals in your organization. It incorporates the conceptual design, execution and implementation of this process.

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