Partner network

Most of our products are of strategic nature and affect our clients general business approach. Some of the decisions that are made during projects demand extensive adjustments in business strategy, marketing, brand positioning, media campaigns and sometimes the creation of new business units.

This is why we run a global partner network and are always looking for companies that have built a reputation of excellence in their field and that complement us in geographical reach and product portfolio. In general, we are looking to partner with strategy consultants, advertising agencies, designers (print and industrial design) as well as media and tv production companies.

What do you need to qualify as a potential Mediaire partner company? We require at least 3 excellent references for projects you have worked on in the past 2 years and an insight into the outcome of those projects.

We try to partner with the best and sometimes the best are individuals or small-scale enterprises. If you are interested in joining our partner network, please use the contact page to get in touch and talk.